Monday, October 18, 2010

Totally Back From the Dead

Dear World Wide Web (more like the random 3 people who stumble in here),

I am back from the dead. Taking a hiatus from the blogging and internet world is highly refreshing. I seriously recommend it to all of you. There is a thriving world out there in 3-D with smells, sounds, and tastes that have nothing to do with a computer!! (or high-speed internet connection!!)

Have you ever questioned why you read these "personal style blogs"? You know, these internet shrines with a zillion pictures taken by their owners showcasing their "awesome" style. Honestly, I think the whole phenomenon is somewhat bizarre. "Why are there more pictures of myself in here, than in photo albums in my fucking house??"

It all seems vapid, self-absorbed, beauty obsessed, image worshipping...etc, etc.

But you know what? There aren't any 40 year old's out there snapping photos of themselves and slappin' them into these digital shrines. This is the activity of pure youth. Soon, we will wear ourselves out, grow old from our own self-obsessions and carry on to other activities such as crocheting and bowling.

And why shouldn't we photograph our supple bodies?? The aged plaster images of ourselves onto advertisements, commercials, magazine covers, films, & television anyways. Why not let ourselves be the ones in charge of own image???

Until that time comes, and we grow old and tired. I think I'll continue to take these pictures and write in this blog. (Or I'll find another hobby)