Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I yearn for shoulder pads

Everyone's favorite 80's black comedy, The Heathers is quite a film. Not one of my favorite 80's movies but the things they wore were insane. Manly shoulder pads were quite "sexy" back then. I also thoroughly liked how they utilized 30-something actors as "high school" kids. Winona Ryder was her usual dark self of course. Christian Slater was just okay.

Friday, November 19, 2010

let's go back in time.

I get sick of glossy, overtly photoshopped images from the 21st century. Sometimes you just want to get trapped within a dusty film cartridge. Sure, women didn't have the same equal rights as they do now. ("Joanie, fetch me my cigar!") But they sure do look better.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Totally Back From the Dead

Dear World Wide Web (more like the random 3 people who stumble in here),

I am back from the dead. Taking a hiatus from the blogging and internet world is highly refreshing. I seriously recommend it to all of you. There is a thriving world out there in 3-D with smells, sounds, and tastes that have nothing to do with a computer!! (or high-speed internet connection!!)

Have you ever questioned why you read these "personal style blogs"? You know, these internet shrines with a zillion pictures taken by their owners showcasing their "awesome" style. Honestly, I think the whole phenomenon is somewhat bizarre. "Why are there more pictures of myself in here, than in photo albums in my fucking house??"

It all seems vapid, self-absorbed, beauty obsessed, image worshipping...etc, etc.

But you know what? There aren't any 40 year old's out there snapping photos of themselves and slappin' them into these digital shrines. This is the activity of pure youth. Soon, we will wear ourselves out, grow old from our own self-obsessions and carry on to other activities such as crocheting and bowling.

And why shouldn't we photograph our supple bodies?? The aged plaster images of ourselves onto advertisements, commercials, magazine covers, films, & television anyways. Why not let ourselves be the ones in charge of own image???

Until that time comes, and we grow old and tired. I think I'll continue to take these pictures and write in this blog. (Or I'll find another hobby)

Monday, May 3, 2010

The rain falls hard on a humdrum town

This outfit is pretty simple, just a coat and leggings. Except the coat is from the 1960's and only cost a couple dollars from Salvation Army (a refuge for forgotten treasures). I live a couple blocks away from a 200 year old Victorian house, it has an idyllic courtyard and garden. The only thing missing are women dressed in corsets and men with curled mustaches. Michael and I played photo-tag in the backyard with a white Holga camera on a rainy day. The perfect musical accompaniment - "William, It Was Really Nothing" by The Smiths.

Listen While You Look:

Photographer/Editor: michael w.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Library After Hours (Leave the Sunshine Out)

"My Friends the Wild Chimpanzees" by Jane Goodall

Photographer/Editor: michael w.

Rave On (The Buddy Holly song, not 90's ecstasy partays)

If I can pick one decade to be stuck in forever, it would be the 1950's. Sure, they were pretty racist and sexist, but their catchy lingoes, space travel obsessions, and demure color palettes somehow still wins me over.